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McNeill’s Touch started over nine years ago out of a passion to provide high quality service in the auto detailing industry for customers in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Prior to establishing McNeill’s Touch, our founder and Chief Service Technician, Hisine McNeill, began driving trucks for a national moving company. During his time as a truck driver, he recognized the interior and exterior of the fleets that the truckers drove were in poor condition. He also noticed how his morale and those of his peers were instantly lifted once they received a newly sanitized vehicle. Their confidence as well as their production increased.

About McNeill's Touch in Raleigh, North Carolina

Discouraged by the lack of care afforded to drivers and their trucks but encouraged by the potential of this idea, Hisine decided to leave the moving company and start McNeill’s Touch. Almost 10 years later, his passion for sanitation and quality service has never waned.

McNeill’s Touch exists to remind both our clients and employees that quality and service don’t have to be sacrificed at the expense of cost or time. Whether you are experiencing the “McNeill’s Touch Point Process” and Customer Inspection Provision as a client, or you have the privilege of serving our clients while building your own entrepreneurial endeavors, our hope is that each experience with McNeill’s Touch leaves you better than when you came.

We encourage you to connect with us and experience McNeill’s Touch, where service reigns supreme.