I have used many mobile vehicle cleaning services before. McNeill’s Touch went above and beyond. Our trashed car from 2 kids and a giant mastiff would be something that would scare any meek service away. McNeill’s showed up on time and did magic upon our Honda Pilot that was inconceivable. I will hire them again and will forever use them as my car service. Thank you, McNeill’s. The engine and exterior are super clean. We are just amazed by the job they did on the kids’ seats and the back where our giant dog travels.
- Justin B.

Excellent work done by the McNeill’s Touch crew. My car had pet hair, kid slime/stains, and had not been detailed for years. It’s shining like new inside with shampooed carpet, and I cannot imagine such a clean engine and tires. They know their job and are very friendly. They arrived on time and made sure everything was cleaned before leaving.
- Aarnas S.

Great Service! Prompt, efficient, and my car smells brand new.
- Duane D.

McNeill’s Touch did an awesome job detailing my car. He was timely and thorough with his work. Also he was able to get rid of the pet hair and odor. I will definitely be going back for another service. Thanks again!!
- Kera B.

McNeill’s Touch did a fantastic job on my friend’s car!! Her car was quite a mess, and they had it cleaned up and sparkling in no time. I intend to use their service when I am in the area.
- Renee O.

I was in the Raleigh area for business. A friend recommended McNeill’s Touch to get my car cleaned. I love the work that Mr. McNeill and his guys did today. My car was sanitized today. The next time I’m back in the area, I will be using them again. The professionalism, promptness and the customer service were amazing. Thank you again, Mr. McNeill.
- Knikki W.

I highly recommend McNeill’s Touch mobile detailing. As a real estate agent, I’m always on the go. Huge thanks to Mr. McNeill, as he cleaned my car as if it was his own. Great customer service and very professional. I promise you will not be disappointed!
- Enith B.

McNeill’s Touch made my 2004 Yukon shine like it just rolled off the assembly line. The interior is so clean, I’d eat off the floor mats. I will absolutely be using McNeill’s again.
- Brian T.

No matter how bad my car looks before McNeill’s ‘touches’ it, I am simply amazed. The work done is always impeccable. Mr. McNeill goes above and beyond with the detailing of my vehicle. His attention to detail and commitment to his brand show in his work each and every time.
- mizzcarameldeluxe

I have been using McNeill’s Touch since 2009. I don’t let anyone else sanitize my car but them. I live in Wilmington, NC, and when I visit the Raleigh/Durham area, I always call them. They are the best!!
- Yolanda M.

McNeill’s Touch did an excellent job on my car! We have a toddler, and I had been wanting to get the car detailed for a while, as it really needed it. I finally scheduled an appointment. I scheduled online on Monday night, and they showed up Tuesday morning! The booking process was easy, and I loved that I didn’t have to go anywhere. My car looks new, and I couldn’t be happier! They were professional and did an extremely thorough job. I would highly recommend McNeill’s!
- Ann R

Great service! McNeill’s Touch made my car feel brand new on the inside. Mr. McNeill and staff were friendly, professional, and thorough! I will definitely be contacting them in the future for more detailing work.
- Lauren F.

I had a great experience working from home while having my car cleaned. I recommended it to my dad, and they were kind enough to clean his car without an appointment.
- Anith

McNeill’s Touch, even driving an hour to me, takes care of 20 of my trucks and always does an awesome job knocking them all out at once for me. I’m always pleased and would highly recommend!!
- Kyle A.

5 stars! Quality service, great prices, and friendly, hardworking staff! Your office, your home, they will come to you! With my busy schedule, it doesn’t get better than that! Oh, wait, yes it does … the end result is a great smelling, clean and SANITIZED car! I will NEVER go to a car wash again!
- Margaret D.

McNeill’s Touch came to our office and cleaned our cars in the parking lot. They looked AMAZING when finished. What a pleasant surprise that the engine was detailed as well! My kids said “Mom, your car looks like it is brand new!” And it sure does! I don’t think it gets any better than that! We will definitely use their services again!
-Lydia M.

McNeil’s Touch brought my Honda “back from the dead” as they put it. I had neglected keeping this car as clean as I would like, especially the interior, but they were able to make it look awesome again!! The crew was running a little behind but gave a courtesy call to let me know. Friendly people and professional. I would recommend to a friend.
- Colt .45

I had my car cleaned and sanitized (including seats and carpets), and they did an amazing job!! My car looks new inside and out.
- April S.

Oh my goodness! I love my super clean car. They were on time, friendly, and did an excellent job! We will definitely use you again! Thank you so much.
- Cindy R.

These guys did an amazing job on my car! They were professional, on time, and went above and beyond my expectations!!!! I highly recommend this company!
- Taylor H.

This crew is awesome! I wish I remembered everyone’s name to give a shout-out. They came to my work on short notice and gave my car a makeover. I had rain water that got in. By the time I got back into town, there was already mold. They took care of it!
- Brooke F.

My first time experiencing a mobile detailing service was a great one! Mr. McNeil and I initially bumped heads due to some miscommunication, but in the end, he was able to accommodate me. My car was purchased used, so a fresh cleaning inside and out was necessary, especially since I have a 5-month-old. I purchased the ultimate package: exterior washed/waxed, engine cleaned, tire shined, carpet and upholstery sanitized throughout, just as advertised!
- Cherita M.

They did a great job, were on time and the staff was polite. There is nothing like a clean car. If you want great friendly service, this is the company.
- Tom S.

Professional and did an excellent job. They made it look like I clean my car weekly when actually it’s more like yearly. Highly recommend.
- Lazaro G.

McNeill’s Touch showed up promptly and did an outstanding job. I am very pleased with their work and have recommended them to friends.
- Elizabeth M.

Mr. McNeill did an excellent job on my vehicle. By the time he was finished his sanitization, the interior looked brand new! A couple of my co-workers wanted to see the finished product, and they agreed that everything was done to perfection. I (and perhaps some of my co-workers now) will definitely be using his services again!
- Tyler H.

Mr. McNeill and his assistant, Larry, transformed my wife’s two-year-old Highlander into a sparkling, shiny, perfectly cleaned SUV. The price was right, the ease of service–in my own driveway–was ideal, and the guys understood right away the special areas of attention I needed. No one else gets to touch that vehicle from now on. Highly recommended!!
- Rick H.

I will only have McNeill’s Touch detail my car from here on out! He did such an amazing job on my Acura MDX. It looks like a new car. He is professional and an expert in his craft. He takes his time and is very professional and detail-oriented. If you have a car and want it to feel new and sparkly clean, then have McNeill detail it. You will be as happy as I am.
- Michelle M.

Professionally and beautifully done! The last time my car looked so good was when I first brought it. However, it NEVER smelled this good! EVER. Thank YOU!!
- Micole S.

I bought the ultimate sanitize package, and I am very pleased with the job Mr. McNeill and his crew performed on my car. I highly recommend it.
- Patricia F.

I highly recommend McNeill’s Touch for all your detailing needs. I’m very pleased with the services that were provided, and I will definitely be using them again.
- Enith M.

Fantastic work and customer service! I highly recommend this company and will use them again.
- Troy F.

McNeill’s Touch came to my home only within a few hours after being contacted to clean & sanitize our vehicles. They were prompt, courteous & professional. They made sure that my SUV was looking and smelling good for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, it started raining when they got started on the other vehicle, so we took a “rain check” and are looking forward to them coming back to complete the job. They had an awesome attitude and gave service with a smile! Thank you!
-Erika H.

Jimmy and Avery rocked it. My car sat for 6 months and they brought it back to life! The seats were moldy, guys. A+ work. I would highly recommend.
- David M.

I highly recommend them! My car was damaged from heavy rainfall, and they did so well. They drove out to Bahama, NC, which is 40 minutes from Raleigh! I called them at 10am this morning and they got here right at 11am and finished at 12:30pm. And the car looks so good! They got all the stains our, and it smells amazing. The outside and the wheels are shining. I highly recommend them if you want to get any of your cars detailed in the future.
- Candice O.

McNeill’s Touch did an awesome job making my old car look nearly new! He was timely and thorough. Plus, it’s so convenient to have the detailing done without having to drive anywhere! We will always use McNeill’s Touch!
- Velma D.

Very professional. They do wonders for my car! No matter how long it’s been since I’ve had a wash and shampoo, they always bring my car back to life!
- Shankita B.

My car was rather filthy, and not only did they do a great job, but they also worked quickly and were able to get some slime my kids had spilled out of the backseat!
- Lori C.

McNeill’s Touch is the only company I use to sanitize my car. The company does an excellent job making sure every inch of my car is spotless!
- Courtney V.

I highly recommend McNeill’s Touch! Mr. McNeill is very professional and did an amazing job on my vehicle. Prices are great, and the work is completed in a timely manner!
- Donna H.

TOP-QUALITY DETAILING!!! Hands down the best I’ve ever seen. I was seriously stunned. I’ve never seen my vehicle look so nice! I still can’t get over it. I will definitely be setting up regular detailing through them for both of our vehicles and won’t be going to anyone else. I highly recommend McNeill’s Touch!!!
-Abby N.

Fast, professional, and thorough at a great price! Mr. McNeill even waited for me 15+ minutes, as I was late getting home due to a prior appointment.
- West M.

I highly recommend McNeill’s Touch mobile detailing services. Mr. McNeill has a passion for mobile detailing, and it shows through his extraordinary work. Mr. McNeill educates his customers about the importance of keeping your vehicle sanitized and offers other educational tips about your vehicle. In addition, Mr. McNeill is very professional and greets his customers with a smile. Thank you, McNeill’s Touch, for sanitizing my vehicle. I will definitely be back!
- A.P.

Hands down the best deal around. The price was extremely competitive, convenience factor unbeatable, and service top notch. My wife’s car looks new (including the engine bay), and I can’t wait to have them work on mine next. Do yourself a favor– call these guys!
- Matt B.

My car hasn’t been this clean since I bought it!! My Jeep had been sitting for a year and had mold on the carpets, and now it’s like it was never there! I highly recommend this company. Great communication and easy booking. Affordable pricing, and they came to me, which was so convenient! I can’t thank them enough!!
- Briana S.

You guys did an excellent job. My camera showed that it wasn’t a rush job. The guys took their time doing it and it was wonderful. I highly recommend this company.
- Que N.

Mr. McNeil and his staff were excellent! My car has never looked better, and best part about it is they came to our location and had a reasonable price. Very happy customer here.
- Caroline T.

I had the ultimate sanitize package done on my husband’s car, which after years of running and then sweating into the cloth seats, smelled like a gym sock. I was blown away with the results. The car looks and smells new. And the fact that they come to your home is a big plus too. I highly recommend McNiell’s.
- Kim O.

Not only does he go above and beyond to make sure his customers are happy, but he also knows his business! His work speaks for itself, and I definitely recommend him to everyone in the Raleigh/Durham area. 5 stars.
- Sarah A.

Excellent service! Great price! We are a busy family of six, and our car needed some serious TLC. Thanks so much. We’ll be calling you again soon!
- Jeanine K.